Retirement Pathfinder

Storytime: A Few Of The Right Things

Pay yourself first. Compound interest. Be an owner, not a loaner. If you embrace those three mentalities, you'll be on your way to having a well prepared retirement plan. On today's podcast, Phil Guske makes his first appearance on the show and shares with us a little bit about his background. He'll tell us how the lessons he learned from a mentor in the Army led him into the financial industry. And he'll also show us how you can embrace some of the same philosophies that he did in order to experience a successful retirement future.

Mailbag: Ex-Husband’s Social Security, Tax Changes, Long Term Care, And Living On A Forced Budget

The mailbag edition of the show gives us the chance to answer questions from folks like you around the Rockford area. We'll field questions about drawing social security from an ex-spouse, adjusting to the recent changes in the tax code, and whether it's possible to get long term care coverage without long term care insurance. Plus, Carrie has a question about an advisor who is "forcing" her to live on a budget. Do advisors often have rules and limitations they push their clients into? We'll ask Barbara if that's norm.

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