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Mailbag - Retiring Early, Inherited Rental Property, Stretch IRA, Down Markets

You asked some great questions this week. We're going to talk about the complications of retiring early, what to do with an inherited rental property, the possible elimination of the Stretch IRA strategy, and how to position yourself for a potential down market in the future.

Facing The 4 Major Realities of Retirement Planning

The realities of retirement planning are different than they were even a decade ago. Let’s talk about some of the realities that affect how you need to plan…

Mailbag - Getting Out of Real Estate, A Market Crash, Tax Brackets, Financial Books

Answering your questions about the assumption of being in a lower tax bracket in retirement, whether a market crash is coming soon, and how to dump large positions in real estate as you transition into retirement. Plus, what are some great books you can read to arm yourself with information about retirement planning? We'll answer all those questions and have some fun along the way on this week's show.

Solving 4 Pain Points In Your Financial Life

When it comes to financial planning, everybody has some kind of pain point. Those pain points are different for each person, but everyone has something that bothers them. Phil and Barbara tell us about some times where they've helped clients through these frustrating areas.

Mailbag - Roth IRAs, Robo-Advisors, Tech Stocks

Barbara and Phil answer a whole variety of listener-submitted questions this week. Find out their preferences on Roth vs. traditional IRA accounts, what you should know about robo-advisors, what you might do if you're heavily invested in tech stocks with a short time horizon, and more.

Episode #15: Mailbag - Cash Settlements, Social Security Taxes, Inheritance

Join us as Barbara and Phil feature your listener questions. They'll discuss how to handle a cash settlement from an auto accident, how much of your social security is taxable, what to do if you've maxed out your Roth IRA contributions, and more.

Episode #14: The 5 Dangerous Mindsets That Can Sink Your Retirement

In many phases of life our attitudes and mindsets can have big impacts on where we go and what we do. Retirement planning is no different. Let’s look at the five dangerous mindsets that can quickly sink your retirement if you’re not careful to guard against these, sometimes, natural instincts.

Episode #13: Mailbag - Social Security, Old Life Insurance Policies, and Market Crash Fears

This week, we feature listener questions on when to take social security, cashing out old life insurance policies, market crash fears, and more.

Episode #12: Market Volatility And How You Should React

The recent volatility in the stock market has dominated the news for months now, and when tension is high it can be difficult not to make rash decisions. So in this episode, Barbara and Phil will fill you in on how the news affects markets and how that should affect you and your financial plan.

Episode #11: The Complications Of An Early Retirement

An early retirement sounds fantastic to most people. Who wouldn’t want to kick off the extra travel, less stress and more freedom that retirement can often bring a little earlier than planned? However, a lot of people don’t realize the additional complications presented when you retire early. Let’s tackle what early retirement means for most people and how you can put together a realistic plan to execute it if it’s the right decision for you.